Biocontrol Agent

Biocontrol Agent - Grubnash

Grub Nash is an effective solution for management of white grubs found in various crops. This product is based on the technology developed by ICAR.
Grub Nash contains infective juveniles of Entomopathogenic nematodes(EPN)Heterorhabditis indica which kills the grubs within 48-96 hrs. through its unique mechanism of action.
• Quick and effective control of root grubs.
• Broad host range and highly virulent with high reproductive rates.
• Safety: Entomopathogenic nematodes are exceptionally safe biological control agents. They are specific to insects and are not a threat to the environment unlike chemical insecticide.
• Farmer friendly: Easy to apply with conventional equipment’s.
• Dose not affect natural enemies and offers a long lasting pest control.
• Helps to increase productivity by controlling pests.

Dose:Mix 3-5 kg of GrubNash in 100-150 kg of sand, soil, manure, vermicompost or cocopit and apply near root zone of crop or can be applied by drenching by mixing 100 gm Grub Nash in 15 ltr. Of water through nozzle removed pump.
Packing: 1 & 5 kg.