Biofungicide Products

BiorajFusicont is an efficient consequence of the R&D work of performed by ICAR institutes. This Biofungicide comprised of novel Trichoderma strain, which found extremely effective for controlling wilt disease of Banana and cumin crop, caused by deadly pathogenic fungi, Fusarium. However, studies have also Revealed that the Trichoderma strain present in BiorajFusicont is equally effective against other wilt causing Fusarium sp. infecting various crops like chikpea, pigeon pea, vegetables etc.
Dosage and mode of application For one acre crop, make a solution of 2 kg BiorajFusicont and 500 gm to 1 kg jaggery in 100 liter of water and keep it for 24 hours, after filitering drench it near root zone of crop.
Packing: 1 kg,